Daily recap - 2022/05/28

Doing it early today because there's not dick happening. Today was housework day, so we spent the first half of the day doing that -- dusting, vacuuming, washing bathrooms, mopping, washing windows, etc, etc -- and the second half of the day will be spent doing nothing. Well, almost nothing ;-)

I made some changes to my website -- added a bookmarklet so I can easily share stuff from other websites, tweaked some styles, and other little bits and pieces. Nothing super exciting for anybody but me, and even for me, I'd say it's only mildly exciting. Fun, though.

Ooh, one more actual fun thing for me is that my new computer (Mac Studio!!) is in the country. The less exciting part is that it'll be here Tuesday, which means it'll sit on my desk, in the box, until Saturday when I've got time to sit down and get it all setup.

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