Daily recap - 2022/07/05

Nothing today. I'm exhausted. Went to bed too late last night. But yesterday, holy shit.

A dude across the street blew up his hand! Like, people-looking-in-the-street-for-parts-of-it blew it up. Of course I helped look, who could resist?! I saw what people said was part of a thumb. A girl pushed it around on the pavement with her foot. I assume it was a part of something because someone quickly came and collected it in a bag of ice and rushed it off to the hospital. And then there was a fist fight at the same house. Nobody called the cops (good). I'm pretty sure the sun hadn't even set.

After that crazy shit, nothing eventful. Friends, fireworks, beer, food (so. much. food! ribs, chicken, coleslaw, mac-n-cheese, potato salad, baked beans, potato wedges, candied bacon, and more stuff that I'm forgetting - Lauren fired up the grill at 10AM) music, lasers -- one of our friends is a DJ and he setup some speakers and a laser projector on our house -- it was pretty rad.

The neighbors seemed to enjoy it, and one guy even came over and thanked us for the entertainment. The fireworks in the street, that have happened the past two years, pretty much stopped after that dude fucked himself up, but there was still a great show in the park and literally all around us in the neighborhoods. Overall not a bad night. For me, anyway. I'm sure that dude with the messed up hand has different feelings.

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