Daily recap - 2022/06/24

Well, this happened. Can't say I'm surprised after the leak a while back, but it's still pretty amazing.

Nobody was stopping people from not getting abortions, so I don't understand what the problem was. What is the deal with these fucking people? Why do they want to impose their beliefs on everyone? Why do they think that making someone have a kid they don't want (for whatever reason) is going to be a good thing for the kid or the person that's gotta raise the thing? Why do they want to give everybody guns? Why do they get elected in the first place? What the fucking fuck is going on?!

In the car today I heard the president on the radio saying "Roe is on the ballot in November. You've gotta elect people that will..." blah blah blah. Dude, we elected you!! What are you doing? There's no shortage of democrats in power, and there's a democrat in the fucking white house! Executive order that shit or something, I don't know. The last dude didn't seem to have a problem doing that, why can't you?

Anyway, nothing happened for me today. Errands and yard work tomorrow. Might be picking up a couple bits of furniture I found on Facebook... We're at least gonna go take a look at 'em.

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