Daily recap - 2022/06/26

Doing this early today because instead of spending my whole damn day in my office, I'm going to setup the HTPC and hang out in the living room.

Today was good. Talked to both parents for a little while and got some another Indieweb feature - Webmentions - implemented on this dumb thing.

My new keyboard (Keychron K8 with hot-swappable keys) arrived yesterday, and I'm quite pleased with it. It feels a bit quieter than my previous keyboard, though that could be due to the desk mat that I also purchased. Regardless, it's nice to have function keys and number keys and to have the arrow keys back in a place that makes more sense... Now I just need to learn some new muscle memory for those things since I got so used to where they were on my last one. This week will have more typos than usual, I'm guessing.

We also got 3 new pieces of furniture - a credenza for the dining room, an entertainment/tv stand thing for the living room, and the bonus piece, a VHS/CD cabinet that Lauren is using to store her video stuff - for the price of 2! When we were picking up one piece, the seller offered us another one for free. Not too bad at all.

Back to the grind tomorrow. And then only a week until we get a fireworks show on our street.

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