Daily recap - 2022/06/01

I took a little time and setup my new machine today. Then I realized that the usb-c -> displayport cable I bought was useless because my KVM has the displayport cables built in, so I need another usb-c -> displayport adapter plug (like I have for my work laptop). Something else cool is that the usb 3 ports don't put out enough power - even on a powered usb hub - to run my keyboard. Webcam works fine, mouse works fine, keyboard, not so much. Now I get to take my changes buying some no-name cables and a usb hub from that bald bastard, and hope they don't burn down my house. Yay.

I think I finally got that fucking thing with my day job figured out. Weeks on this fucking thing. WEEKS! We'll see what QA says tomorrow. I do not have high hopes.

Nothing else worth reporting. Regular stuff, really.

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