Daily recap - 2022/05/23

Monday. Rainy and dreary, which I don't actually mind. Work was meh. More time spent staring at the screen and in calls trying to figure out this one dumb fucking problem, but I think it's finally sorted... I hope, anyway. Night work is more exciting because I'm getting to write code, but I really don't feel like doing anything tonight.

I've got jury duty tomorrow. I'm "on call" which means I don't have to show up at 8AM (thank christ) but I do have to call in at 11:30AM to see if they need me to come in at all. Fingers crossed they do not.

We went to Cost Plus World Market (awful name) and picked up a few things that Lauren ordered, and more than a few snacks that I spotted while we were in there., so that was fun. Afterwards we went out to a 50's diner-style joint for dinner called Gunther Toody's. The food is good enough, but we really went for the cherry soda -- they add the cherry flavor to the soda and it's just so fucking good, that I'm happy to put up with a kinda soggy burger and fries soaked in cheese that I did not order, just to get that stupid soda. They've also got some really great appetizer chips that are somehow crunchy and soft, and they're served fresh out of the fryer. Good shit, man.

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