Daily recap - 2022/06/16

I decided to investigate why the hell News.app on my desktop can't seem to remember the window size. It's a brand new computer that I've not had a chance to fuck up that bad, right?

Turns out it's not me, it's just Apple making shitty software (I said to no ones surprise). I found this post on the Apple forums and the "solution" is to uncheck a setting in the system prefs, but that only works if you quit the app. If you close the window without quitting it, no good - it resets back to a small, perfectly centered window. Apple, seriously, what the fuck?

This reminds me of a post by Benjamin Mayo about how shitty Apple (News, Music, etc) services are.

They are built to a passing grade, but nothing more.

That pretty much sums it up. Apple makes wonderful hardware, but more and more, their software and services are less impressive. News is a fucking catalyst app, which probably doesn't help anything, but isn't Messages also a catalyst app? It can remember where I place, and how I size, the window, so why can't News? Music is such garbage, that I try not to use it, and I fucking pay for it! Podcasts, while not a service, is still some in-house Apple software, is so shitty that I spent money on an app.

But like I said, their hardware is top notch, and while they can't seem to figure out how to make a decent RSS reader (which is all News.app really needs to be, right?), they do a pretty good job on the OS, too. Certainly the most attractive and easy-to-use *nixish desktop I've ever used.

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