Covid 2019, 2022 edition

Got #boosted yesterday at 11AM. First half of the day was fine, but around 6PM, things went downhill fast. Spent the rest of the evening in and out of sleep on the couch until 10:30, then went to bed. I was freezing. Woke up every couple hours for some reason - sweating, freezing, rolled over on my arm, you name it. It's all done now, though.

I slept for nine-and-a-half-hours according to SleepCycle, and got 100% "sleep quality," and I'm feeling much better today. Not back to 100%, but probably somewhere around 85%. I can't imagine what actually catching #covid is like, especially without being vaccinated. If it's anything like what I've gone through (for every fucking shot), then I'm happy to deal with it for half of a day and be done with it. And hopefully I can continue to avoid catching it. 🤞

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