Daily recap - 2022/09/02

We went on a #hike in Garden of the Gods after business pizza. That was fun. We saw at least 6 deer, maybe 8. Missed a pretty great sunset by about 30 minutes, but it was still a good hike. Lauren got to break in her new hiking shoes a bit, and I got my "exercise" in without having to walk on the fucking treadmill.

Work has been #work. Nothing fun, nothing terribly exciting. Day job has turned into just doing billing stuff - new prices, new plans, new subscription types, accepting payments from other countries, implementing 3D secure... Billing, billing, billing. I've been working on a desktop app (in #Electron, of course) for the night job. Not super fun, but it's different at least, which is kinda fun. Though I question the reason for its existence... I have a feeling that, with a bit of #CLI expertise, the person requesting this application wouldn't need it, but who am I to deny someone paying us to write code for them?

Storm's coming. I've been watching the lightning for the last half hour. I can finally hear the thunder. I hope it's a good one. It'd be nice to go to bed to some big ol' fat rain drops hitting the window.

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