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After switching from Spotify to Apple Music, I found one thing I actually missed from Spotify, and that was podcast playlists. The Apple Podcasts app is not great, so I use Downcast, which is much better, but has its own issues. For some reason when I search through old episodes of a podcast, Downcast will crash about half of the time. After I restart it, my playlists will have vanished, but the search feature works just fine. If I quit the app and restart it again everything is great... for a while. Then I search again, and the whole process starts over. It's frustrating enough that it prompted me to build Podmix.

Podmix is a service that lets you create playlists of podcast episodes and listen to them (a) in the browser with the integrated player (b) in an MP3 player with an M3U playlist or (c) in a podcatcher with an RSS feed. You can also "Favorite" playlists for easy access.

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